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Grapes so Magical

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Grapes can not spit grape skin, grape because the body is a treasure! Will be eaten with the grape skins and grape seeds, is particularly useful for those with ischemic heart disease and atherosclerotic heart disease health. The grape skin color is more black, the more containing flavonoids, better protect the heart rats.
Grape Vitaceae Vitis woody vine, fruit spherical or oval-shaped, flowering from April to May, fruiting period from August to September. Grapes are one of the world's oldest fruit trees, grape plant fossils found in Tertiary strata, indicating that they have been found in Europe, Asia and Greenland. WEST grapes native to Asia, all over the world are cultivated grapes from around the world about 95% concentrated in the northern hemisphere.
Grape glucose, organic acids, amino acids, vitamins on the brain excitatory effects, eat neurasthenia and fatigue were also beneficial. Long-term smokers may be more grapes, grapes can help lung cell detoxification, but also has expectorant effect, can ease the smoking-induced airway inflammation, itching and other symptoms. Grape juice and frail patients, hardening of the arteries and the rehabilitation of nephritis patients have secondary effects. Can help reduce organ rejection in patients implanted surgical promote a speedy recovery.
Keep fit people should be aware that the grapes are not easy to get fat eating fruit. Women have to eat a dozen pieces rich in vitamin fresh black grapes or green grapes, can achieve the purpose of weight loss, but also beneficial to cardiovascular health. Raisins nutritional food for dry edible weak constitution, appetizer appetite, vomiting and tonic and analgesic effects.
Grapes used to wine: However, the huge economic value lies mainly in grape wine, 80% of the world's grapes are used for wine. However, as people's awareness of health, changes in consumer attitudes, more and more grape juice is led to become more efficient and delicious nutritional fruit. It not only can...


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