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School of Aviation Has Asked

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School of Aviation has asked

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MGA’s School of Aviation has asked the students of the School of Information Technology to develop a web-based application that solves 2 needs of their program.
• Keep track of maintenance procedures performed on each aircraft
• Allows students and instructors to coordinate aircraft for flying
Currently they have an application that solves both; but it is expensive.   Additionally, the abilities for maintaining aircraft are not as flexible as they want it to be and the customer support has proven unhelpful.   Attached is a screenshot of the daily flying schedule; which does work well for their needs.
A large drawback in the current maintenance abilities is that it also acts as inventory management.   This complicates the procedures and provides a lot of extra overhead to the application they do not desire.   A good maintenance ability for them may consist of only 2 parts: 1) a log of procedures performed on each aircraft and 2) display a schedule, similar to the flight schedule, of when procedures will need to be done next for each aircraft.
• An ERD that solves the problems above
• An Access Database that implements the ERD w/ sample data
• Saved SQL queries that demonstrate usage of your DB
• Documentation/presentation that summarizes your ERD/experiences
Deeper Insight to the Flight Schedule
Composite Key: PA-28 161 N281HG:
• PA – refers to Piper Aircraft, a manufacturer - http://www.piper.com/
• 28 – is a family of light aircraft produced by PA
• 161 – the variant of the family (aka Warrior)
• N281HG – The tail number
Other aircraft in the schedule
• Arrow - http://www.piper.com/aircraft/trainer-class/arrow/  
• Archer - http://www.piper.com/aircraft/trainer-class/archer/
• Seminole - http://www.piper.com/aircraft/trainer-class/seminole/
• Citabria -...


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