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Sorghum Meal of Fish and Rice Jiangnan

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Anqing, a city with 2100 years of history, covers an area of ​​only 1808 square kilometers town. Despite its Jiangbei, but people love to call here south. Jiangnan not geographical scope, she is a historical and cultural concept, the southern province of the coastal plain of the Yangtze River, is rich in resources rich in fish and rice Ming and Qing Dynasties, collectively known as the Yangtze River Delta.
Anqing in Anhui Province, by the middle east, Riverside offshore and along the plains, the hometown of rice, sorghum planting is not common, not to mention the size. But here sorghum production has been continued. Is difficult to say where the broom is needed, or dietary needs, in short, sorghum, sweet sorghum, especially in the home has never been interrupted, until now. Memorable red sorghum rice that the land of plenty.
The last century to the beginning of 2000, sorghum, rice can eat almost every year, every year must eat. Still remember the first time to eat sorghum, rice, smoke curl, farm work done at home, eat a few days the whole family pumpkin porridge, rice, sorghum around the table, happily began to eat. Remember that tucked inside red rice You can eat. As for how to taste, has long been forgotten in the long years.
Red Sorghum rice production process is simple, as long as sorghum peeling, suffused also scattered red, with a little rice, cooking on the pot as general until after cooked, opened the lid, transpiration air filled with the sweet . Such processes and feelings, with grade increase, constantly clear and familiar.
Sorghum Stripping Machine, sorghum peeling, peeled, polished, featured several processes at once, simple structure, small size, combined with the peeling of the air separation seeds and species skin, broken rate is very low, peeling effectively improve the quality and yield, improve the taste of edible grains effect, expand the scope of application of whole grains....


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