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Large Corn Threshing Machine Performance and Woring Features

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Large CORN THRESHING MACHINE Performance Improving Methods:

First, put the four feet of the Corn Threshing Machine on flat foot pads.

Second, feed Corn Threshing Machine corn cobs continuously and evenly. The feeding quantity should be proper. Interrupted feeding may affect its productivity and too large feeding quantity may cause machine blocking or even damage the motor.

Third, check whether the Corn Threshing Machine power line link is fixed and install the ground electrode.

Fourth, before the Corn Threshing Machine work finishing, discharge all of the corn cobs and then make the machine halt with no-load.

Fifth, the corn cobs moisture rate should not be higher than 20%, or it also affects the Corn Threshing Machine operation effect.

Full Automatic and Semi Automatic Corn Threshing Machine Working Features:

Automatic corn threshing machine can be divided into full-automatic type and semi-automatic type.

The difference between the full-automatic type and the semi-automatic type:
Full-automatic corn threshing machine adopts four-wheeler as the power. Semi-automatic corn threshing machine can use both tricycle and four-wheeler as power.

Full-automatic corn threshing machine doesn’t need manual feeding. There has a mixing device in the front of the machine. Semi-automatic corn threshing machine needs manual feeding and in its front has a hopper for corn kernels.T

Application range:
It is suitable for the place where has large planting area of corn. It realizes automatic feeding and can save both time and labor.

Technical parameter:
Power: 15-28 horsepower diesel engine.
Spindle speed: ≥1000-1100(r/min)
Operating type: four wagons
Productivity: 5-8t


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