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Sorghum Is a Last Resort Instead of Corn

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Finally looked the pork price rise, but the main raw material feed - rising corn prices gave farmers an added worry. In order to prevent being swallowed corn farming profits, some feed mills and large-scale farms try to use low-cost alternative to study sorghum as feed corn the main raw material, but instead of corn as well as sorghum nutrition and cost issues need to be resolved, it said the move was only a last resort to do this, but also expressed this method is the future trend.
Corn as a feed in the main source of energy, the price continued to rise in recent years. For this argument sorghum instead of corn, sorghum can partially replace corn, and all alternative is not acceptable. Sorghum is a result of using corn prices last resort, you can adjust as changes in the market, but not a permanent solution.
Sorghum instead of corn there are two main problems, the first is the tannin on Animal anti-nutritional factors, which can be solved by reducing the amount of detoxification methods; the second is less than the energy of sorghum corn energy, the production process to reduce other low-energy raw materials used, or add some fat.
There are a number of companies to develop tannins enzymes for reducing tannin effect on the animal. But this approach is not realistic, because the cost is too high. Meanwhile, corn feed is irreplaceable. If in accordance with 50% in pig feed sorghum, can save the cost of 200 yuan / ton. As long as the price of sorghum than corn lower 100 yuan / ton, sorghum have cost advantages. The current low price of sorghum than corn probably 300-400 yuan / ton.
Because of the low yields of sorghum and high tannin content, its use is more in wine, and sorghum as feed ingredients almost have to rely on imports. If the technical breakthrough, sorghum able to completely replace corn, the corn will ease cost pressures companies to some extent, feed costs will be reduced accordingly. However, due to the total output of sorghum and maize huge...


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