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How the Roles of Women Has Changed in the Last 20 Years

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In 40% of American households with children under 18, the woman serves as the primary breadwinner, according to a study released by Pew Research Center in 2015. Traditionally, women were limited in their roles. In the past, women were seen as only needed to bear children and take care of household activities such as cooking and cleaning, while it was common for their husbands to work to provide for the family. It wasn’t long before women agreed that they could have a bigger role than society had labeled upon them for so many years. On August 8, 1920, the 19th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was ratified, since then and especially in the last twenty years; the “traditional” roles of women have greatly changed in the areas of family, work, and home.
Family is one area that has changed immensely for women in the last twenty years. Many women have less time to invest spending with their families and a lot of them are putting off having children until they are much older, and have well established careers. They have to rely more on their older children and spouses to take on the care-giving roles for the younger children in the family. Women often feel guilty after relying on others to care for the babies, and especially when the kids go to Daddy if they fall down and need nurturing.
Careers are a huge area of change for women in the last twenty years. In the workplace, women are taking on roles that used to be thought of as a “man’s career” such as, doctors, firefighters, lawyers, and even the armed forces. There are a lot more women in roles of authority in the workplace such as, CEO’s and executives. Married women are more likely to out-earn their husbands in the last twenty years as well, helping to reshape the “traditional” gender roles at work and in the home.
The changes for women in the home over the last two decades have been quite significant, also. When women do have time to spend at home,...


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