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Bmgt 380 Final Examination Question and Answers

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BMGT 380 Final Examination Question and Answers
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1. Sam orally agreed to sell Ramie some land for $500,000. Ramie paid Sam the
$500,000; Sam gave Ramie the deed to the land. Ramie took possession of the land
and began building a cabin on it. One month later, Sam tried to retake possession
of the land by arguing that the contract for the sale was invalid because it was oral,
not written. Sam sued Ramie to invalidate the contract and retake the land.
The court will likely conclude that Sam will:
a) Win; the sale exceeded $500 so the contract must be written to be valid.
b) Win; all land sales contracts must be written.
c) Lose; because the contract was fully executed Sam cannot rescind the
d) Lose; because Ramie had begun building a cabin on the property, Sam
cannot rescind the contract.
2. On Tuesday, Sam offered to sell his CD collection to Sandy for $100. Sandy
replied, "I’m interested. I’ll think it over and let you know Thursday whether I want
to buy the CDs." On Wednesday, Sam agreed to sell the CDs to Jason, and Jason
immediately gave Sam a letter that stated:
"Sam, I will buy your CD collection for $100. As we agreed, I will pay you on
Friday when I pick up the CDs. Yours truly, Jason."
Upon Sam’s receipt of this letter on Wednesday, what best describes Sam’s
contract agreement(s)?
a) By forming an agreement with Jason, Sam breached his contract with
b) Sam has formed contracts with both Jason and Sandy.
c) Sam and Jason have formed a valid, enforceable contract; Sam did not
form a contract with Sandy.
d) Sam formed a contract with Sandy, but has not formed an enforceable
contract with Jason because Jason has not yet paid for...


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