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Itec 625 Midterm Examination Solution

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ITEC 625 Midterm Examination Solution
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Use the separate answer sheet that has been provided.  

1.   In a computer CPU where are the arithmetic calculations performed? arithmetic logic unit

2.The operating system is generally idling until it takes control when an
interrupt occurs.   A second way the operating system takes control is
when an application program issues a __?.

3.   If you shift the bits of a binary integer to the left by three places the value of the resulting binary number is how much bigger or smaller.
4.What is the value of the following 1’s complement integer?   1110 1011

5.   What number is encoded in this raster image?

• 6.   The Unit of transfer between storage and cache memory is call _________
7.What is the value of the following 2’s complement number
1101 1011

8.What technique is being utilized when a second instruction cycle is initiated before the previous instruction has completed.

9.The size (amount) of cache memory _____________as you get closer to the CPU.

10.   You add two positive 2’s complement binary integers in a 16 bit microprocessor.   The result has a 1 in the leftmost position.   When this occurs it is called ________.

11. Express the base 10 number 21 in base 3 format.

12. After the LMC executes the instruction 640 what happens next?

13. A single core or single CPU architecture can is able to multi_________.

14. The program counter register contains what?

15.What is value of the 2’s complement integer   1001 1001?

16.Write the LMC instruction (in decimal format) that Stores the...


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