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Bis 261 Week 5 Quiz

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BIS 261 Week 5 Quiz
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1.(TCO 2) When referring to a virtual team, the initials GDT stand for:
2. (TCO 2) A virtual team can be defined as a group of people who work:
3. (TCO 2) Which of the following is a reason for organizations to use virtual teams?
4. (TCO 2) A primary criterion for success for employees in a virtual environment is being:
5. (TCO 2) To build trust, the best way to launch a new virtual team project is by:
6. (TCO 2) A best practice for communicating via e-mail is to:
7. (TCO 2) For its first effort at using a virtual team, an organization should choose a project that is:
8. (TCO 2) According to research conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the number one factor that influences success in virtual organizations is:
9. (TCO 2) The most difficult situation for managing a meeting is when:
10. (TCO 2) When diversity is managed well, teams made up of people from different cultures tend to be:
Part 2:
1. (TCO 2) Tools that ensure that documentation is consistent and relevant across the team and enable real-time updates are classed as
2. (TCO 2) On a virtual team, managers should encourage the celebration of:
3. (TCO 2) Two key roles that should be identified for a virtual meeting are:
4. (TCO 2) In effective multicultural virtual teams, accountability exists:
5. (TCO 2) Three broad categories of technology support tools for virtual teams are:
6. (TCO 2) E-mail is not considered appropriate for sensitive communications because:
7. (TCO 2) E-mail is most effective for:
8. (TCO 2) For very small, short-term projects, it may be appropriate to store project work documents:
9. (TCO 2) A communication technology that allows team members to link over time and create a persistent online meeting place is:
10. (TCO 2) Regional and global expansion of organizations is creating a paradigm shift:


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