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Corn Processing Equipment Technology and Industry Requirement

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CORN PROCESSING EQUIPMENT technology and industry requirement:

Primary Corn Processing Equipment
It is to physically process corn particles by rubbing, impact, grinding without change of the chemical composition and molecular structure. According to different products, it can be divided into three processes of single, dual and combined production, the combined is the most reasonable and cost-effective process.

Fine   Corn Processing Equipment
Corn flour is mixed, puffed and flattened to change its molecular structure, forming new appearance, texture and taste, but the chemical composition is not changed.

Deep Corn Processing Equipment
The defatted corn flour is deeply processed through saccharification, hydrogenation, fermentation and oxidation, etc. Products are extracted by microorganism and enzyme. Hence, need for deep processing largely depends on that for corn flour.
Starch sugar is a defatted corn product with biggest output, including liquid sugar (glucose syrup, malt syrup, glucose syrup containing 42%or 55% fructose), solid starch sugar(crystalline glucose, maltodextrin and polyhydric alcohols, etc.)

With the national economy continuous development, each line in the developing countries is developing rapidly, especially the CORN PROCESSING EQUIPMENT industry. The machinery industry development reflects a whole country’s comprehensive power. Therefore, it is the key to improve machinery industry for each developing country. And corn processing equipment, as the common agricultural machinery, has always been paid more attention.

Recent years, the corn processing equipment industry has achieved certain progress, but compared with the traditional industry, there still has a large potential. Now, we will talk about the corn processing equipment industry gap analysis for the developing countries.

First of all, the corn processing equipment industry has weak technology strength. Both the limitation of funds and technical force shortage...


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