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Price Trends in Rice Bran

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2016 has more than half the entire first half of the domestic rice price is like a roller coaster-like peaks and valleys. Then the outlook in July, the domestic price will be the bran trend then what?
To follow the market price of corn bran go. Recent corn bran market three factors forcing prices downward to follow. On the one hand, the recent floods hit aquaculture, resulting in poor sales of feed mill feed, feed mill corn purchasing enthusiasm is not high, corn stocks are relatively abundant. On the other hand, the upcoming southern spring maize, affect the market mentality of buying and selling in the short term will reduce corporate purchasing corn, corn prices upward to suppress.
Hot weather should not keep chaff and refineries reduced demand. Continuous sharp decline in temperature and rains make rice bran storage conditions, some enterprises rush to sell rice bran, traders acquired lower prices, increasing the risk of falling rice bran. In addition, since the beginning of July rice bran oil, rice bran meal and other products of poor sales, reflecting the rice mill product sales for several days in a state of stagnation buying and selling, the price of natural bran into the downward trend.
After mid-July some Chinese producing new season indica rice will be listed. By cold oligonucleotide according to the impact and long-term rainfall, the quality of general bias, the phenomenon of shriveled grain there is more than most areas now dominated by wet grain purchase and sale, the lowest open the new season indica rice, rice prices are still profits to be made, and some rice prices have begun to resume power, making the latter will increase the supply of rice bran, rice bran and therefore the price was steady down trend.
In summary, the expected short-term prices will remain stable and bran weak pattern, it is recommended with the production with a half-meter, not a lot of storage. Medium and long term, the new season indica rice processing is completed, the...


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