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Edmg101 Midterm Exam

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EDMG101 Midterm Exam

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Part 1 of 2 -                                             52.0/ 54.0 Points
Question 1 of 50                                                               2.0/ 2.0 Points
Which of the following is a reason why it is difficult to assess the probabilities of extreme natural and technological events?
A.The probabilities have not been calculated for many technological hazards

B.The estimated probabilities are unstable because the system is changing

C.The probabilities are difficult to estimate because the historical record is too short

  D.All answer choices are correct

Question 2 of 50                                                               2.0/ 2.0 Points
A comprehensive mitigation plan assesses what in the community?

A.All answer choices are correct B.Geography and history C.Demographic trends and economy D.Transportation and housing
E.Historic preservation and environmental protection
Question 3 of 50                                                               2.0/ 2.0 Points
Which of the following is power that involves true, new, and relevant facts or arguments.

Question 4 of 50                                                               2.0/ 2.0 Points
What documents the requests for new budget needs?
Question 5 of 50                                                               2.0/ 2.0 Points
Which of the following does not determine the physical impact of a disaster?
A.Hazard exposure B.Physical vulnerability C.Adverse selection
Question 6 of 50                                                               2.0/ 2.0 Points
What is not a factor in determining the protective actions for radiological emergencies?
Question 7 of 50                                                               2.0/ 2.0 Points
To run an effective meeting, you should not do which of the following?

Question 8 of 50...


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