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Uop Acc 375 Week 4 Individual Ethical Situation 2 Unethical Behavior Memo

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UOP ACC 375 Week 4 Individual Ethical Situation 2 Unethical Behavior Memo
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You have been hired as the new controller of a large manufacturing company. The 30-year-old company produces a selection of profitable products, but has also experienced some ethical lapses. A few months into your new role, the CEO has asked you to prepare a memo that will provide guidance to management for handling some of these ethical lapses. As you investigate, you discover a negative atmosphere in the company. Your investigation reveals the following information:

CEO: “We need to create a way to make sure our company goals are defined and align with the highest ethical standards. We have experienced issues in almost every department, and I am trying to focus on what we can do. I know you have spoken with others, and I suspect there is some unethical behavior occurring. I have heard that the accounting department has experienced some issues in the past. Specifically, issues with fake suppliers being created and paid. While this did result in the termination of one employee, I’m not sure it has stopped.”

Accounts Receivable Supervisor: “Things are pretty bad around here. There doesn’t seem to be any leadership or direction for the company. Upper management rarely conducts meetings to discuss anything, positive or negative. There are no clear goals and we only receive feedback once a year at our annual review. I have difficulty keeping the staff motivated because the meager raises. We all receive the same raise, even in a booming year when sales are high.”

Accounts Payable Supervisor: “I used to be energetic when I started working here. I suppose this place just wears you down after awhile. There doesn’t seem to be any correlation between pay and performance. You...


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