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Ged 216 Sociology Unit 1 Exam

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GED 216 Sociology Unit 1 Exam
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1. Because there is more social isolation in rural areas of the United States than in urban areas, we could expect suicide rates to be
a. higher in urban areas.
b. higher in rural areas.
c. high in both urban and rural areas.
d. low in both urban and rural areas.

2. Sociologists use the term “social marginality” to refer to
a. people who have little understanding of sociology.
b. people who have special social skills.
c. people who are defined by others as an “outsider.”
d. people who are especially sensitive about their family background.

3. If social marginality encourages sociological thinking, we would expect people in whichcategory listed below to make the most use of the sociological perspective?
a. the wealthy
b. disabled persons or people who are a racial minority
c. politicians
d. the middle class

4. Following the thinking of C. Wright Mills, we would expect the sociological imagination to be more widespread in a population
a. during times of peace and prosperity.
b. among the very rich.
c. among very religious people.
d. during times of social crisis.

5. Wright Mills claimed that the “sociological imagination” transformed
a. common sense into laws of society.
b. people into supporters of the status quo.
c. personal problems into public issues.
d. scientific research into common sense.

6. The United States falls within which category of the world’s nations?
a. low-income nations
b. middle-income nations
c. high-income nations
d. socially marginalized nations

7. Countries in which average people’s income is typical for the world as a whole and in which people are as likely to live in a rural area as in an urban area are categorized as
a. low-income nations.
b. middle-income nations.
c. high-income nations.
d. socially marginalized nations.

8. The nations of Western Europe, Israel,...


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