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Ged 260 Criminology Unit Exam 3

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GED 260 Criminology Unit Exam 3

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1) Which of the following is not one of the ideas contributed to the criminologicalliterature by labeling theory?
A) Deviant individuals achieve their status by virtue of social definition.
B) Deviance is the consequence of a quality inherent in human activity.
C) Labeling by society tends to perpetuate crime.
D) Negative self-images follow from processing by the formal criminal justicesystem.

2) The dramaturgical perspective was developed by
A) Ronald Akers.
B) Edwin Lemert.
C) Erving Goffman.
D) Howard Becker.

3) Elder’s principle of __________ refers to the fact that the developmental impact of a succession of life transitions is contingent on when in a person’s lifethey occur.
A) historical time and place
B) linked lives
C) timing in lives
D) human agency

4) According to Moffit, a __________ results when adolescents begin to desireautonomy but are prevented from achieving it because of preexisting socialexpectations.
A) moral enterprise
B) social bond
C) maturity gap
D) control ratio

5) Lawrence E. Cohen and Richard Machelek pioneered the __________ theory.
A) delinquent development
B) evolutionary ecology
C) age-graded
D) dual taxonomic

6) Terence Thornberry developed __________ theory.
A) delinquent development
B) age-graded
C) dual taxonomic
D) interactional

7) Which of the following is not one of the preliminary results of the Causes andCorrelates of Delinquency Program?
A) Serious involvement in drugs is related to serious involvement in delinquency.
B) A lack of commitment to school is associated with higher involvement in delinquency.
C) Delinquency is related to individual risk factors such as impulsivity.
D) Being on welfare is associated with a fairly low risk of delinquency.

8) According to the Causes and Correlates of Delinquency Program research, veryyoung subjects (as young...


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