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Ged210 Unit 1 Exam Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

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GED210 Unit 1 Exam Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
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Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet)

1. Which of the following would not be considered a specialization within the discipline of physical anthropology?
a. human anatomy
b. paleopathology
c. primatology
d. phonology

2.The material products of former societies are known as:
a. artifacts.
b. fossils.
c. legacies.
d. antiquaries.

3.Anthropologist, Spencer Wells, is the director of the genoraphic project which is:
a. making significant contributions to the philosophy of archaeology.
b. conducting ethnographic fieldwork among the Vanomamö Indians of Venezuela.
c. helping to illuminate the migrations of humans throughout the world.
d. using computer technology to do cross-cultural comparisons.

4.Kelley Hays-Gilpin, a southwestern U.S. Archaeologist, studied:
a. Brazil.
b. gender approaches to the archaeological record.
c. tropical rainforests.
d. East Africa.

5.The people known as classical archaeologists conduct research on:
a. ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome.
b. the evolution of prehistoric stone tools.
c. societies of the more recent past.
d. ancestors of contemporary Native Americans.

6. Research on artifacts found in the remains of slave quarters at an 18th century tobacco plantation in Virginia would be an example of:
a. historical archaeology.
b. forensic anthropology.
c. applied anthropology.
d. classical archaeology.

7.One of the most important tool types invented by homo erectus was the:
a. Mousterian hammerstone.
b. Clovis projectile point.
c. Neolithic grinding stone.
d. Acheulian hand axe.

8.The stone tool industry associated with Neanderthal populations was called the:
a. Oldowan complex.
b. Mousterian tradition.
c. Acheulian technology.
d. Chopper tool system.
e. Composite tool tradition.

9.The climate...


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