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Hrm320 Week 4 Quiz

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HRM320 Week 4 Quiz
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week 4
TCO 1: If Dereck Jeter decided to switch baseball teams from the Yankees to the Mets, the Yankees’ best remedy would be
specific performance
money damages
Question 2. Question :
TCO 1: Which of the following is not a duty of an employee to his or her employer?
Duty of Loyalty.
Duty to Act in Good Faith.
Duty to Account.
Duty to Compensate.
Question 3. Question :
TCO 1: In determining whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor, which of the following factors would a court consider?
Control over the time and the manner of doing the work.
Payment of business expenses and providing of tools.
All of the above.
Question 4. Question :
TCO 1: The number of states that have adopted the Model Employment Termination Act is:
All 50.
Question 5. Question :
TCO 1: An agreement not to go to work for your employer’s competitor is called a:
Noncompete Agreement.
Unemployment Agreement.
Collective Bargaining Agreement.
Planned Agreement.
Question 6. Question :
TCO 9: John’s employer has a reasonable suspicion that John has been involved in a theft of several thousand dollars worth of tools. As part of the investigation, John undergoes a polygraph test and is asked a series of questions. Which of the following questions would be prohibited by the EPPA?
Questions about John’s use of prescription drugs.
Questions about John’s performance of his job duties.
Questions about inaccuracies on John’s employment application.
Questions about John’s whereabouts at the time the tools went missing.
Question 7. Question :
TCO 9: An employer’s ability to subject an employee to a polygraph test is limited by what law?
The Employer Polygraph Act.
The Employee Polygraph Protection Act.
Title VII.
Question 8. Question :
TCO 4: Which law requires employers to obtain permission before...


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