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Bottle Cappers Market - Global Industry Analysis, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2016 – 2024

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Bottle cappers are also known as bottle capping machines, which are used to place a cap on the opening of the bottle to avoid the contact of materials inside the bottle with the external environment. Bottles were initially used for storage of wines and beverages, but with modernization, use of bottle has been extended to numerous products and materials. There are several ways of capping, such as automatic, semi-automatic, and hand-held. In an automatic bottling process, the bottles to be capped are passed through a filling position to the capping position using conveyer systems. At the capping place, speed of capping head is adjusted to the speed of bottles approaching the conveyor. Once the bottle reaches the capping station, it is fitted with the cap and, then, the bottle capper immediately prepares itself for next bottle. Capped bottles are then taken towards the further process of labelling or packaging. The conveyor is never stopped with a view to maintain a continuous process. They can be customized to perform multiple capping processes depending upon the requirement. In the hand held capping process, the process fixture of a cap to the bottle is done manually. In this, a worker holds a bottle in hand or on stationary platform and manually adjusts the capping device over the bottle opening. After the cap is fixed, the machine worker continues this with other bottles. Bottler capper can be adjusted for all sizes of caps.

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Bottle cappers are used in facilities industries where products are packed in bottles which include beverages, lip balms, foods and sauces, cleaning chemicals, health and beauty products, pharmaceuticals, acids and corrosives, and automotive. Depending on the products being packed, requirement of bottle cappers varies. Bottle cappers are primarily of three types based o their mode of operation: automatic, semi-automatic and hand held....


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