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Cereal Snack - Paste Cakes

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Cereal Snack - Paste Cakes
Paste cake is a old Beijing folk eating, is doing a golden yellow cornmeal cake. In   the old Beijing, the family is not rich, eat the staple food of this coarse grains have been very satisfied. Take the recent dynasty Qing, in addition to the Royal Palace and fine rice flour officials eat at home, people are paste cakes, porridge stick reside.Now every family can eat fine rice flour, and whole grains inside the supermarket, but a lot more expensive. Do this with cornmeal staple also had become tourist attractions in many rural farmhouse signs of eating.

Cornmeal is rich in nutrients, is recognized worldwide as the "golden crop." Now mostly eat whole grains for nutrition, balance the body needs. So long as the amount of intake will achieve its purpose, so from the taste and smell could do with some improvement. Now the public to meet the dietary habits and tastes. In the pancake paste inside, add milk and raisins, soaked raisins with a sweet-scented osmanthus aged wine, milk and noodles, add flavor to enrich the flavor. Paste cakes should be in the rural area with stove, cauldron boil water inside, the cake stickers affixed to theedge of the pan so familiar. But now obviously do not have such conditions, it is possible to choose a little thick bottom pan, the minimum fire a little bit of stick cooked.

Cornmeal 100 g, 50 g soybean flour, milk powder 30 grams, 10 grams of sugar, 1g yeast, milk, 100 grams (available instead of water), water 50ml, osmanthus wine in moderation.
1. Weighing all sorts of raw materials needed to spare;
2. Yeast with warm water soluble 50ml 30 degrees below the opening;
3. Little by little added to the cornmeal, stir in the milk is added;
4. Mix the polenta was allowed to stand two hours, will be a little fluffy;
5. I osmanthus Reserva, that used to soak the raisins into the dough and then the summary will be very in tune;
6. Soak raisins wait 15 minutes to soften;
7. Good...


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