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comm600 full course latest 2016 feb   all weeks discussions all assignments and all quizzes

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week 1

i Learners! :) For this discussion topic, you will make your main post by Saturday of Week One (January 9) and post two substantive replies to classmates by Tuesday of Week One (January 12). This topic is required and graded, and your main post will be worth 60 points, with your two thorough, substantive replies to classmates being worth 20 points each. You will be graded on the quality, depth, and level of expansion and detail in your main and reply posts.
This semester we'll be exploring the topic of "Millennials" in articles that you be assigned to analyze, evaluate, and use as references for the assigned essays in this course.
To begin thinking about this topic, please view either of the two videos on millennials that follow. Please note the attached critical thinking strategies to consider as you view. Then respond in the attached Discussion area to at least ONE of the following questions.:
1. What information was new or surprising to you, and why?
2. What information or concept left you confused, and why?
3. What comment(s) did you disagree with, and why?
4. What information do you find most important, and why?
Please include the title of the video you viewed in the subject line of your post.
Millennials: 60-minutes documentary
This "60 Minutes" video about the millennial generation is 12 minutes long. Feel free to watch it in segments if you would like to:http://news.yahoo.com/video/millennials-coming-200724108-cbs.html
The people being interviewed in the video talk about the changes coming to society as a result of the millennial generation's influences.
Questions to consider as you watch and reflect on the video:
• What are the causes identified in this video? In other words,...


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