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Gscm209 Full Course Latest - All Discussion All Case Study and All Homework

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GSCM209 full course latest - ALL discussion all case study and all homework

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GSCM209 Week 1 Discussion DQ1 & DQ 2  

Time Series Analysis (graded)
The role time series play in GSCM?
DQ 2
Linear Regression Introduction (graded)
The independent variable in linear regression.

GSCM209 Week 2 Discussion DQ1 & DQ 2 Latest 2016 Jan.
DQ 1
Linear Regression Analysis (graded)
Associative forecasting and its use in regression analysis.
DQ 2

Correlation Analysis (graded)
The two ways correlation can be displayed mathematically.

  GSCM209 Week 3 Discussion DQ1 & DQ 2 Latest 2016 Jan.
DQ 1
Break-Even Analysis (graded)
What is a break-even analysis, and why do we need it?
DQ 2
Time Value of Money (graded)
What do we mean by time value of money? What does it provide in operations?

  GSCM209 Week 4 Discussion DQ1 & DQ 2 Latest 2016 Jan.

DQ 1
Waiting-Line Models (graded)
Waiting-line models in service industries and manufacturing.
Linear programming is a widely used mathematical technique designed to help operations managers plan and make decisions.

Devry GSCM209 Week 5 Discussion DQ1 & DQ 2 Latest 2016 Jan.
DQ 1
Graphical Method in Linear (graded)
Graphical solutions in LP have a limited number of decision variables.
DQ 2

Simplex Method in Linear Programming (graded)
The simplex method in LP.

GSCM209 Week 6 Discussion DQ1 & DQ 2 Latest 2016 Jan.
DQ 1
Decision Trees (graded)
Decision trees are graphic displays of the decision process.
DQ 2
Expected Value (graded)
The important of expected value (EV) of each alternative when looking at decision trees.

GSCM209 Week 7Discussion DQ1 & DQ 2 Latest 2016 Jan.
DQ 1
Critical Path Method (graded)
CPM development and uses.
DQ 2
Program-Evaluation-Review Technique (PERT) (graded)
PERT development and uses....


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