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Mgt 411 Final Exam 100/100

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MGT 411 Final Exam 100/100

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Technology pushes society when:
Innovations make unwanted changes in society that are unfortunate such as pollution.
Innovations push the government to make new regulations in order to control the activity.
New technology strains the social fabric of the society to the breaking point.
The technology was not demanded by society but once available it is quickly adopted by society.
The technology is demanded by society and it leads to changes in the society.

Technology’s impact:
Is ongoing.
Occurs in small very distinct steps.
Occurs in large shifts over time.
Is not significant.
Is limited unless combined with money.

Technology’s impact is:
Only in particular business units
Is significant only for certain people in the organization
Occurs only outside the business organization since it is so pervasive.
Is organization wide.
Effects societies not businesses.

The goal of management of technology and innovation in an organization should always be to:
Create new technology that is groundbreaking.
Expand the number of employees in R&D
Create value for the firm.
Be efficient
Maximize this quarter’s profits.

There are several definitions of technology in the text; all the definitions have some common elements.   Each definition implies:
A systematic approach to the desired outcome.
Change is an outcome.
Change occurs rapidly.
Changes in technology occur at random.
Both A and B

Technology can be broadly defined as:
A process whereby new and improved products, processes, materials, and services are developed and transferred to a new plant or market where they are appropriate.
All the knowledge, products, processes, tools, methods, and systems employed in the creation of goods or in providing services.
A coordinated set of actions that fulfill the firm’s objectives, purposes, and goals.
The systematic gathering of...


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