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Sbe 430 Full Course Week 1 to 8 E Commerce for Small Business

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SBE 430 Full Course Week 1 to 8
E commerce for Small Business
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Week 1

Week 1 Assignment
Case Study (Characteristics of Digital Media)

Week 2
Week 2 DQ 1

Read case study 4.1: The Implications of Globalization on Consumer Attitudes. Based on this article and your experiences, debate the statement: “Site localization is essential for each country for an e-commerce offering to be successful in that country.”

Week 2 DQ 2

“Web 2.0 is simply a new label for a range of web technologies and consumer behaviors that have existed since the 1990s. It doesn’t represent a ‘paradigm shift.’” Is this statement true or false? Be sure to support your answer.
Week 2 Assignment
Case Study (How Google Generates Revenue)

Week 3

Week 3 DQ 1

Read Case Study 5.3. "Boo hoo - learning from the largest European dot-com failure." Now answer this question: Which strategic marketing assumptions and decisions arguably made Boo.com’s failure inevitable?

Week 3 DQ 2

Do you think a single person with specific e-business responsibility should be required for every medium-to-large business? Why or why not?

Week 3 Assignment

Case Study (Sandvik Steel's E-Business Strategy)

Week 4

Week 4 DQ 1

Read Case Study 8.2: Dell Gets Closer to Its Customers Online and describe approaches used by Dell within their site design and prMomotion to deliver relevant offers for different types of online customers.

Week 4 DQ 2

What are the differences between e-marketing plans and traditional marketing plans (be specific)? Secondly, is a separate and distinct e-marketing plan necessary? Why or why not?

Week 4 Assignment

Case Study (Online Branding Proposal)

Week 5

Week 5 DQ 1

Do you think eMarketing and eCRM programs are more effective than past traditional marketing programs? Why or why not?

Week 5 DQ 2

What is permission marketing and why do...


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