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Biol 301 Human Health and Disease Final Exam Answers

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BIOL 301 Human Health and Disease Final Exam Answers
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Submit your answers (as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf) by using the table on the last page (e.g., 1.A, 2.B, 3.C, etc.) and returning only the TABLE by way of your Assignment Folder. Following the TABLE should be your ESSAY Question answers.
50 Multiple Choice Questions at 4 points each.
10 Essay Questions. Choose 2 to answer at 20 points each.

50 Multiple Choice Questions at 4 points each.  

1. Dr. Sue Mi is interested in diseases of the retina. The field of study best suited to her interests is
2. physiology             B.   anatomy                 C.   pathology               D.   bowling

2. There are numerous levels of organization in the body. The correct order from simplest to most complex is
3. organ, tissue, cell, organism, system         B.   cell, tissue, organ, system, organism
4. system, cell, organ, organism, tissue         D.   cell, system, tissue, organ, organism

3. The atomic number of sodium is 11. The sodium ion has a single positive charge (Na+). How many electrons does the sodium ion have?
4. 10               B.   11
5. 12               D.   More information is required to answer this question.

4. The chemical category that includes fats and cholesterol is
5. proteins                 B.   lipids           C.   carbohydrates         D.   solutions

5. If a cell lacked centrioles, it would not be able to
6. synthesize proteins             B.   synthesize RNA
7. divide                                 D.   secrete proteins

6. A particular cell type specializes in breaking down harmful by-products of metabolism. This cell type would contain very high levels of
7. lysosomes...


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