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Bios 105 Week 4 Ilab Case Study: Endocrine System

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BIOS 105 Week 4 iLab Case Study: Endocrine System
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Case Study: Endocrine System

Below is a case study presentation of a patient with a condition covered by one of the chapters you have been studying this week.   Read the case study and answer the questions below.   Some questions will ask for information not included within this chapter.   Use your course text, a medical dictionary, the Internet, or any other reference material you choose to answer these questions.
A 22-year-old college student was admitted to the emergency room after his friends called an ambulance when he passed out in a bar. He had become confused, developed slurred speech, and had difficulty walking after having one beer to drink. In the ER he was noted to have diaphoresis, rapid respirations and pulse, and was disoriented. Upon examination, needle marks were found on his arms and thighs. The physician ordered blood serum tests that revealed hyperglycemia and ketoacidosis. Unknown to his friends, this young man has had diabetes mellitus since early childhood. The patient quickly recovered following an insulin injection.

1. What pathological condition has this patient had since childhood? Look this condition up in a reference source and include a short description of it.
2. List and define each symptom noted in the ER in your own words.
3. What diagnostic test was performed? Describe it in your own words.
4. Explain the results of the test.
What specific type of diabetes does this young man probably have? Try and justify your answer.


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