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Netw 320 Course Project Qos Design and Implementation

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NETW 320 Course Project QoS Design and Implementation
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1. Objectives
As a network engineer working for a Service Provider, design and implement QoS on a converged network. For this project it is assumed that the converged network offers triple play services and has the following traffic: VOIP, High Definition TV (HDTV), Video on Demand (VOD) and Internet.
Note 1: The project is based on the experience acquired by the students in the previous labs, hence the main sources to complete the project are the labs of previous weeks, so it is important that the students review the lab instructions of the labs that have already been completed.
Note 2: The students will have access to the same lab equipment of Skillsoft as the previous weeks. The students will need to access the iLab to complete the project.

2. Project Requirements
Part A: Design
In this part the student should provide the QoS design.
A1. It is assumed that the traffic sources for HDTV, VOD, VOIP and Internet are connected to switch NYCORE1 to four different ports. The following are the requirements: (10 points)
• Assign a switch port to each type of traffic.
• Assign a COS to each type of traffic. The COS marking has 8 classes, from 0 to 7, assuming 0 is the lowest priority and 7 is the highest. Decide which class each traffic should have, based on the importance of the traffic.
• Provide your answers in the form of the table below:

Traffic Type Switch Port Number COS

Note that the answers for COS assignments can be slightly different from student to student, as we have 8 classes but only 4 types of traffic to classify.
A2. Explain in a short answer how or why you picked the highest priority...


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