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Bst 322 Week 2 Assignment – New

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BST 322 Week 2 Assignment – New
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BST 322 Week 2 Assignment – New

BST 322 Week 2 Assignment
1. What is the probability of rolling a four in the gambling dice game of craps (given two six sided dice)?   What is the probability that a player can roll a four 3 times in a row (assume that rolling the dice each time does not affect the outcome of the next roll)?

2. Population A and Population B both have a mean height of 70.0 inches with an SD of 6.0.   A random sample of 30 people is picked from population A, and random sample of 50 people is selected from Population B.   Which sample mean will probably yield a more accurate estimate of its population mean?   Why?

3. Suppose we obtained data on vein size after application of a nitroglycerin ointment in a sample of 50 patients.   The mean vein size is found to be 8.7mm with an SD of 2.1.   Using a t distribution table, what are the confidence limits for a 95% confidence interval?   For a 99% confidence interval?

4.       In a pilot study evaluating the use of a new drug to lower resting heart rates (HR) of patients, the following data was recorded:
Subject # Resting HR
001 72
002 88
003 71
004 87
005 64
006 77
007 79
008 59
009 77
010 68
011 78
012 89
013 91
014 81
015 85
016 75
017 69

Given that the average resting HR of the general population for this study is 72, use StatCrunch to perform the appropriate t test.   What is the value of t?   Using an alpha of 0.05, is the t statistic significant?   Why?   What are the confidence limits for a 95% confidence interval here and what do they mean for this patient group?   Copy and Paste your work from StatCrunch into your Word document submission.

5.       Write one or two sentences that could...


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