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Cis 560 Midterm

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CIS 560 Midterm
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In a data classification scheme, least privilege and need to know ensure that access to data and information is available to __________.

The method of organizing sensitive information into various access levels is known as __________.

In access control, which of the following best describes access?

Which of the following is a strategy that tricks a user into giving up their password or granting access to an attacker?

Which of the following is measured in terms of probability and impact?

From an organizational standpoint, which of the following is ensured through compliance?

Which of the following scans every packet that passes through and either rejects it or allows it to pass?

In a corporation, which of the following is considered a special case of proprietary information?

Which of the following ensures that only one person does not handle all crucial decisions and activities, especially those involving a high level of trust?

Which of the following is not a typical social engineering strategy?

Proof of identity is the additional step involved in _________.

Which of the following statements does not hold true for RBAC?

Which of the following defines how employees may use an IT infrastructure supplied by an organization?

Which of the following factors is not used for network and infrastructure authentication?

The best way to handle the human element in access control is through training and _________.

Which of the following is not a type of security breach?

The Privacy Act of 1974 applies to information maintained by which of the following?

An attacker is using a password-guessing application that can try 100,000 passwords per second. About how long will it take for the application to crack an eight-character password composed of only lowercase characters?

Which of the following is a purely damaging...


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