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Hrm 326 Final Exam

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HRM 326 Final Exam  
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Q1: What must a needs analysis do?
a. determine the training needs of the organization
b. determine the training needs of the employees
c. determine the training needs of the department
d. determine the training needs of the employees and department
Q2: What three areas should be the focus of a needs analysis?
a. location, organization, people
b. departments, organization, tasks
c. organization, people, departments
d. organization, tasks, people
Q3: What is behavioral learning?
a. how we act or behave
b. pleasant or unpleasant experiences in life
c. how we choose to handle life experiences
d. the causes of life experiences
Q4: What is cognitive learning?
a. learning is based upon our performance level
b. learning is based upon our ability to communicate
c. learning is based upon our mental processes
d. learning is based upon our ability to learn

Q5: Which three topics known as “states” describe internal learning conditions?
a. attention, motivation, recall
b. recall, motivation, environment
c. motivation, attention, ideas
d. environment, ideas, recall

Q6: Which of the following set of terms is part of dimensions of cultural differences?
a. masculinity-Femininity, power distance, uncertainty avoidance
b. standards of lifestyle, level of power, masculinity-femininity
c. uncertainty avoidance, power distance, standards of lifestyle
d. level of power, masculinity-femininity, power distance
Q7: Which of the following is one of “Gagné-Briggs” nine events of instruction?
a. methods and elements
b. order and timing
c. avoid certain behaviors
d. provide guidance for learning
Q8: Which answer best describes diversity?
a. preservation or existence of one culture
b. personality traits
c. the state or condition of being multicultural
d. a collaboration of opinions or ideas
Q9: Which answer best describes a virtual...


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