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Sci 110 Assignment 1 Applications of the Scientific Method

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SCI 110 Assignment 1 Applications of the Scientific Method

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The scientific method is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. The scientific inquiry is a way to investigate things and purpose explanation for their observations. Data is gathered, hypothesis suggested, and observations recorded.
Several different troubleshooting methods already exist but according to CompTIA; there are six steps to solve a problem. Drawing a parallel these steps are all included into the scientific method, but how?
Scientific method CompTIA troubleshooting Method, Ask a Question - Identify the problem, Do Background research - Establish a theory of probable cause, Construct Hypothesis Test - the theory to determine the cause, Test your hypothesis by Doing experiment - Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and implement a solution, Analyze your Data and draw a Conclusion - Verify full system functionality and if applicable implement preventive solution, Communicate your result Document -findings, actions, and outcomes.
How these affect our daily job, life or activities?
In the Information Technologies (IT) field, we are constantly using the scientific method to solve various problems. Let take a real example: One of ours customer called and state that her computer stop to working this morning. But yesterday before she left her office the computer was working well, this morning she cannot access to the internet or even the website of the company.
1. In this case we need first to identify the problem, to do that we ask some basic questions, what was the last thing that she remember having done, when? Is the computer connect in a network environment, did she turned the computer off? Did someone else have access to the computer? Any question, response or information provided...


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