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Sec 450 Week 7 Quiz

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SEC 450 Week 7 Quiz
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1. Question : (TCO 6) The type of IDS signature that triggers on a multiple packet stream is called _________.

Student Answer: atomic
compound, or composite
Instructor Explanation: Compound Signatures require a packet stream for detection

Points Received: 4 of 4

2. Question : (TCO 6) Which one of the following is NOT an action that can be performed by the IOS Firewall IDS router when a packet or packet stream matches a signature?

Student Answer: Drop the packet immediately
Send an alarm to the Cisco IOS router and designated Syslog server
Set the packet reset flag and forward the packet through
Block all future data from the source of the attack for a specified time
Instructor Explanation: IDS cannot block future traffic for a specified time

Points Received: 4 of 4

3. Question : (TCO 6) An IPS sensor that receives a copy of data for analysis while the original data continues toward the destination is running in ________ mode.

Student Answer: passive
Instructor Explanation: promiscuous mode allows malicious traffic into the network

Points Received: 4 of 4

4. Question : (TCO 6) Most IOS commands used to configure an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) begin with the prefix ___________.

Student Answer: ids ips
ips ip
ip ips
ios ips
Instructor Explanation: ip ips is the prefix for almost all commands used in configuring IPS on a Cisco router

Points Received: 4 of 4

5. Question : (TCO 6) What is an IDS/IPS Signature?

Student Answer: A message digest encrypted with the senders private key
A set of rules used to detect typical intrusive activity
A binary pattern...


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