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Virtual Machine Market - Global Industry Analysis Trends and Forecast 2016 – 2024

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Virtual Machine Market: Overview

A virtual machine is an imitation of a computer system which is capable of performing task such as running applications or programs through cloud based platform. A virtual machine acts as a host operating system created within the cloud platform that can be shared between physical computers. With the advancement in virtualization technology, virtual machines are becoming more common and are being widely used for testing out new operating system, running software designed for existing operating system and testing software on multiple platform.

A virtual machine may comprise of an operating system, virtual machine templates, assemblies, virtual disk, files and hardware that one can manage in much the same way as one manages a physical computer. Multiple virtual machine can exist within a single computer at one time.

Depending upon the use and communication to any physical system, virtual machines can be categorized as process virtual machine and system virtual machine. Process virtual machine also known as application virtual machine which are used temporarily for a specific application or process. System virtual machine provides comprehensive environment which supports the execution of a complete operating system.
Virtual machines are implemented through software emulation and hardware virtualization technique. The emulation technique help in replicating existing hardware or software in order to be used in new system.

Thus, it helps in overcoming obsolescence and making the data readily available. Software emulation attempts to imitate the internal design of the end-user system, so that the files or application can be operate on the operating system other than the one on which it originally runs. A hardware virtualization refers to the creation of simulated version of computer or operating system through embedding virtual machine software into the hardware component of the end-user system.

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