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Travel or Study at School

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Taking children to field trips (for example, to a museum) is a better way of education than learning at school in a classroom.
  1. 浪费时间,浪费金钱,耽误学习
  2. 让孩子不愿学习,贪玩,没有明确的人生目标。
The fast developing of society economic, not only requested a higher level of the transport facilities, but also provided conditions for further education. However, it’s getting hot for parents to take their children on field trips. This is quite a good way for children to learn something by visiting. Nonetheless, some parents come forward the idea that it’s a better way of education than learning at school. Also, others may don’t agree with that. They just hold the point that wasting too much time and money on that kind of activity is not a sensible idea. Field trips obviously is a good way to broaden children’s mind but it may not a systemic pattern for education. So as far as I am concerned, I don’t think it can be a good way for children’s further education which taking them to field trips.

Education is always one of the most important things for a country in any period. Maybe, one hundred years ago, we are in a low level of education. However, everything has changed rapidly. We have more schools, teachers, text books and so on. I think we can get enough knowledge we want from school. Which I want to express is that we just don’t need to have any filed trips anymore because it is a waste of the time also the money. Nowadays, finding a stable and high paid job is getting more and more difficult. Students have to study very hard so that they can have a better future. For example, if you do not study hard at school but visiting museum instead, you may not get good grades at school. Although you have learnt much more about the art, culture, physics… they can be useless for any of your exams at school. That’s exactly what you need to think about.

To be honest, not any children have good controls of themselves. Taking them for field trips can be a tempting suggest. Being...


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