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Mgt 455 Week 1 Written Case Analysis - Izmir National University

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MGT 455 Week 1 Written Case Analysis - Izmir National University
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Use the following format for each week’s Case Analysis assignment. Each Case Analysis should be 5 to 6 pages in length.

Izmir National University   Case Analysis assignment
1.     What do the comments by the faculty tell you about INU ’s strategy?  
2.     What would you recommend the Dekan do regarding the Business School’s strategic planning process? What role would you recommend the Dekan play in this process?  
3.   Productivity is defined as the ratio of output (including both goods and services) to the input used to produce it. How could the productivity of the Business School be measured? What would the effect be on productivity if the faculty all received a 10 percent raise but continued to teach the same number of classes and students?
I. Summary of the Facts
This section presents a brief listing of the key facts, with page numbers from the case in parentheses, where appropriate. It should be no more than 1 page in length. Therefore, there is little room for a long-winded presentation of each fact. Important assumptions should also be listed here and labeled as such.
II. Statement of the Problem

This section presents a brief treatment of the major problem or problems, with a concise statement of the major problem or problems you see in the case. This part of your analysis should be no more than 1/2 page in length and may be shorter. Remember: the more problems you identify, the more solutions are likely necessary, or the more complex a given solution might be. Thus, you will want to be careful not to identify too many problems.
Some questions to ask when formulating your definition of the problem:
1. Have I identified the basic problem(s) or am I dealing with the symptoms?
2. If I identified more than one problem, are they separate or...


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