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Nur 649e Complete Class

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NUR 649E Complete Class
Nurse Education Seminar 2  
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                  Discussion Questions week 1-8

Week 1:
Question 1=
Find a research article on designing learning activities that promotes critical thinking. Summarize the article for your classmates in 1-2 paragraphs. Explain why you chose this study and how this information could be used in your selected area of education (academic, staff, or patient). Be sure to include the entire citation in APA format. The article you select cannot be from any of the course materials or supplemental readings. (Note: It is a violation of copyright law to post the entire text of an article to an online discussion board. Post only the citation information so that it can be referenced by others. Use correct APA format for citations.)
Question 2=
Teaching in Nursing: A Guide for Faculty lists several principles for selecting learning activities. Select one of the principles and explain why it would be important to you in your selected area of education (academic, staff, or patient).

Week 2:
Question 1=
Review “Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education,” located on the American Psychological Association website at http://www.apa.org/science/programs/testing/fair-code.aspx. What are your thoughts after reading the document? Did you realize it existed? How does the code apply to nursing education? The Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education is over 10 years old. Is it still relevant today? Why? If not, how should it be revised? Use correct APA format when citing.
Question 2=
What would be a reasonable evaluation strategy for patient education?

Week 3:
Question 1=
Chapter 20 in Teaching in Nursing: A Guide for Faculty discusses the use of technology in nursing education. In addition to the technology mentioned in that chapter, there are many other types of technology devices available today such as...


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