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Why I Pay My Taxes

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Reasons for complacent feeling

The year 1961, many things that were so much fundamental and highly critical were occurring and no one seemed to bother. There was a high degree feeling of satisfaction and complacent feeling, and no one could take an initiative to make the condition or situation of defect better. For instance, no one bothered to ask the conductor why the passengers in the car had to suffer in the prevailing situation of extremely high temperatures in the car. It is noted that there is nothing to when the indoors the air conditioner has become faulty. The America people became so much complacent. No one was willing to take an initiative, even though a simple act of turning the heat off and allowing the great outdoors to come indoors in order to bring temperatures to favorable levels.
Other than this complacency from travelers, other areas also show this feeling of self-satisfaction in the face of awkward situations that could easily be rectified in a very simple manner. For instance, in a theatre, where the picture is evidently out of focus and nobody cares to take an initiative to enable the situation to be made better. It was so obvious that everybody suffered in the theater on that particular occasion but no one cared even to make a formal complaint. The reason for this state of complacency is that everybody in America is so much becoming blatant and inconspicuous, and increasingly hesitant in raising some critical and fundamental issues. People have become so much hesitant to raise claims and fight for their rights that they are so much aware that are undermined. They don’t want to make their voices be heard, and are so much unenthusiastic about claiming their rights. The Americans are so much afraid that their cause is not only unjust but also ambiguous; or if not even that, that it is too insignificant to justify the hard situation of confrontation
Despite this prevailing...


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