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People Will Spend Less Time on Cooking Food in Twenty Years.

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20150307: People will spend less time on cooking food in twenty years.
仍然是” 一边倒” 写法

There are wide spectrum opinions when it comes to the issue whether people will spend less time on
cooking food in twenty years. People may hold different perspectives due to their experiences and
backgrounds. Some people may think that people will spend less time on cooking food in twenty
years. However, I, given the choice, would like to claim that people will spend more time on cooking
food in twenty years because of the concern of health issue, the function of consolidating family ties,
and the increasing available leisure time.

First of all, the increasing concern about health should be one vital reason. Currently, people not only
focus on their salaries, but give higher priority to their health. Thus, it is no wonder 难怪 that food,
which is the most immediately connected with the health than others, would deserve giant concern.
For example, these years, survey results consistently shown that the growing number of people, even
though they are busy with their mounting workload, would like to cook by themselves more than
once per day, largely because in this case, the hygiene 卫生 of food is well controlled and the
nutrition of food is the most appropriate for cooks 做饭的人 themselves.
Second, another supporting rationale 基本原理 or this view comes from the psychology and emotion.
It's not inconceivable 不可想象的 that cooking and preparing food are a superb 极好的 approach to
communicating and cooperating with family members, which can strengthen family ties efficiently.
Because of this function, millions of people who cherish their family or attempt to amend 修补 their
domestic relationship will cook and prepare food for their family as often as possible. One
convincing example is the success of the Family Meal Campaign. In last decades, some far-sighted
有远见的 organizations and individuals positively advocated the benefit of family meal, which
requires the food to be cooked by family members...


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