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Carl Sauers View on the Cultural Landscape and How Its Related Into My Society

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Topic: Cultural Landscape

Cultural landscape is an important part of the landscape as it influences various changes which we human beings associated with its boundaries. Cultural landscape also reveals much about our evolving relationship with the natural world. Thus, this essay seek to discuss and argue that carl Sauer’s view of cultural landscape has a special place in understanding the evolving nature of the cultural landscape is, then show how and why Carl Sauer view help me to understand and perceive the cultural landscape of my piece of reference in a different light.
To begin with, cultural landscape is define as a geographical region, together with cultural and natural resources and nature, associated with human actions. According to Carl Sauer definitions, he defines natural landscape as a natural landscape that had been modified by a cultural group. Cultural landscape is also a combination of cultural features such as languages and religion, economic features such as agriculture and industry, and physical feature such as climate and vegetation. At the start of the twentieth century, many geographers argued that landscapes, as part of the biological environment generally, determined the nature of the biophysical environment generally determined the nature of culture which existed within them.
Moreover, this Carl Sauer’s Landscape Theory states that the cultural landscape is shaped by humans and various cultural aspects of their culture. This theory basically states that the sum effects the human population has on the environment is the cultural landscape. This includes any changes the human race makes to the environment such as anything they overcome which is known as possibilism or environmental possibilism. For examples, humans have altered the physical environment in many ways including the architecture humans build, the toponyms placed on certain locations, burial practices, and sacred sites that are established. This is mostly happen in other...


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