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Ged 210 Unit 4 Exam Answer

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GED 210 Unit 4 Exam Answer

1. The term “second world” is used to refer to:
• modern, industrialized nation-states
• what used to be called the soviet union and other communist countries
• undeveloped, nonindustrialized countries
• traditional, pre-state societies affected by contact with the modern world

2. Since the 1960s, the Ju/’Hoansi San have become:
• increasingly independent and isolated from the modern world
• middle class citizens of the nation of South Africa
• increasingly dependent upon government assistance
• one of the few indigenous societies to become financially independent

3. The introduction of a cash economy has disrupted traditional Ju/’Hoansi patterns of:
• egalitarianism and reciprocity
• food storage and redistribution
• centralized decision-making
• rapid population growth

4. Resettlement of Mbuti Pygmies on plantations outside the rainforest by the government of zaire has resulted in their:
• participation in the national political process
• contribution to the economy through taxation
• increased success at agricultural production
• declining health

5. The Ju/’Hoansi or San Foragers inhabit the modern nations of:
• South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana
• Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda
• Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania
• Venezuela and Brazil

6. Conflict between the Iroquois and other indigenous tribal groups in the 1600s was not due to:
• the introduction of guns and ammunition by the French
• dependence on European goods
• depletion of beavers and other fur-bearing animals vital to trade
• ancient traditions of blood revenge and glory on the warpath

7. The displacement of Native Americans from their tribal lands in the U.S. in order to make the land available to white settlers was:
• accompanied mostly by outlaws and hired guns
• a formal policy of the United States government
• a myth invented by radical Indian...


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