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Ifsm 370 Project 2 – White Paper Instructions

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IFSM 370 Project 2 – White Paper Instructions

This is an individual project.   Each student must complete a White Paper that proposes a telecommunications solution to address a communications problem for a business organization.   The target audience will be the organization’s Chief Information Officer (CIO).   The White Paper deliverable is an MS Word document.   If you have never written a white paper, you should conduct some research and review sample white papers to understand the content and format associated with these professional documents.

The completed White Paper deliverable is due by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on the due date shown in the Course Schedule.   See the Additional Information section of the syllabus for the penalty for late or missed assignments and projects.

The White Paper is valued at 12% of the course grade.
Ullman, Manly, & Ulysses Corporation
With 75,000 customers worldwide, 250 employees working in four locations in the United States and three European offices, and a catalog of more than 100,000 parts, Ullman, Manly & Ulysses Corporation (UMUC) relies on its network for its survival. In the past decade, UMUC has seen its business grow from just one location and a few local customers to the worldwide supplier it is today. But in the process of growing exponentially, it has overwhelmed its telecommunications network, which is currently managed by an outside telecommunications network management company. The network crashes frequently, resulting in customer service and e-mail interruptions that are costly to the company. The network management company is not responsive to UMUC, a relatively small customer, and often disagrees that there is even a problem. Since the contract with the service provider is about to expire, UMUC has decided to seek a better network solution.

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) has outlined the...


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