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Essay on Football
History of Football Essay example:
The modern game of football, as we know it, is in essence an invention of the 19th century. The game was developed with particular aims in mind: specifically, teamwork, discipline and respectability, which defined both the way the game is organized and played. The modern game belongs to the era of the industrial revolution, and the intervening time.
Its origins are believed to lie in ancient times: it is widely accepted that both the Romans and Greeks – although it was never an ancient Olympic sport – played a game very similar to what today might be identified as ‘football’. However, this game was very violent and was viewed almost as a test of bravery. Actions such as hacking, punching, and generally assaulting the opponent were accepted as part and parcel of the game.
There are indications that the game existed in Britain in the 12th century. Here the game was a crude street game. The ball would be kicked and chased by groups of youngsters egged on by their parents. This form of the game often involved two hundred or more participants, always male. This type of football was entirely based within rural communities, and was often played on important days of the year, such as Shrove Tuesday and local festival days. Sport of all kinds, particularly football, were essentially local rather than national. It was often played to rules set by local participants.
In a worldwide perspective, some believe that an early version of the game, played with the bladder of a pig, existed in China as long ago as 2500 BC. Here the ball is believed to have been kicked between poles as high as thirty feet, and might have served a military purpose, for example, the training of warriors. By AD 50, the Chinese had named this game ‘tsu chu’ and early records compare the ball and square goal to Yin and Yang, the ancient symbols of harmony. Matches were frequently played to mark important dates of the calendar. There is evidence that...


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