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M3 Term Project Oo Process Modeling (Ms #4) -- Due Week 9

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M3 Term Project OO Process Modeling (MS #4) -- Due Week 9

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Complete the following for the Case Project: Use-Case Model Diagram, (2) Use-Case Narratives, and Object List with definitions.
There is no template for the Use-Case Narrative, just make a document with a few tables that is readable.
SADM 7/ed – ESSS CASE STUDY - Milestone 4: Data Modeling

Page: 4-1


ata modeling is a technique for organizing and documenting a system’s data. Data is
viewed as a resource to be shared by as many processes as possible. As a result, data
must be organized in a way that is flexible and adaptable to unanticipated business
requirements – and that is the purpose of data modeling.


In this milestone you will first discover those entities in the system that are or might be described
by data. With each entity we identify, we will define it in respect to the business. Then, we will
construct a Context Data Model that graphically depicts each of the entities and the relationships
they have with each other. Next, we will refine the context data model to include primary and
foreign keys. The resulting model is called a Key-Based Data Model. Finally, we refine the keybased data model to include any hierarchies and attributes, and this model is referred to as the
Fully Attributed Data Model.
After completing this milestone, you should be able to:
Understand and perform the techniques for entity discovery.
Define each entity with respect to the business and complete an entity/definition matrix.
Perform the necessary data modeling techniques to organize and document the data
requirements for the proposed system.
Construct the Context, Key-Based, and Fully Attributed data models.
Before starting this milestone the following topics should be covered:
1. Data modeling – Chapter 8
2. Milestone 3...


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