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Psyc 100 Final Exam Version 2

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PSYC 100 Final Exam Version 2
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0.The visual receptors in the eyes called ___________ function best in dim lighting and are primarily black-and-white brightness receptors.
a. rods
b. cones
c. fovea
d.ganglion cells

Question 51
Making a grocery list and taking notes for a class are both examples of _____________, which refers to encoding that is initiated intentionally and requires conscious attention.
a. effortful processing

b. automatic processing

c. maintenance rehearsal

d. state-dependent memory

Question 52
If I present you with the word “BOOK” and ask you if this word contains all lowercase letters, answering this question involves the use of ___________ encoding.
a. structural

b. phonological

c. episodic

d. semantic
Question 53
A person uses the term “HOMES” to remember the names of the Great Lakes (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior). This memory-enhancing technique is best viewed as an example of:
a. maintenance rehearsal.

b. the use of hierarchies.

c. chunking.

d. an acronym.

Question 54
In the case of the amnesia patient H.M. presented in the text, it was found that:
a. his declarative memory and procedural memory were severely impaired.

b. his procedural memory functioned normally but his declarative memory was severely impaired.

c. his episodic memory functioned normally but his semantic memory and procedural memory were severely impaired.

d. his semantic memory functioned normally but his episodic memory and procedural memory were severely impaired.

Question 55
Fill-in-the-blank questions, true or false questions, and essay questions allow professors to assess your:
a. procedural memory

b. episodic memory

c. implicit memory

d. semantic memory.

Question 56
Research has found that self-generating many retrieval cues is a technique that facilitates memory. It is assumed that this type of...


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