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Psy 205 Exam1 Study Guide

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PSY 205 Exam1 Study Guide  
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Course Life Span Development

Attempt Score 147 out of 150 points  

Instructions This exam consist of 50 multiple choice questions that cover the material in Chapters 1 through 5.
• Question 1
3 out of 3 points

Infant mortality in the United States:
• Question 2
3 out of 3 points

Based on your understanding of brain plasticity, what would you say to frantic parents whose baby has suffered an injury to the language centers of the brain?
• Question 3
3 out of 3 points

Which child is MOST at risk of having problems adjusting to day care?
• Question 4
3 out of 3 points

The branching structure at the end of each neuron is the:
• Question 5
3 out of 3 points

Link the correct attachment style to the following descriptions: (1) thrilled when reunited with a caregiver, (2) confused, erratic response when reunited with a caregiver, and (3) doesn't care when reunited with a caregiver.
3 out of 3 points

Name the theorist who would give each piece of advice: “Don't respond when your one year old cries out from the crib,” “Be as responsive as possible during the first year of life.”
• Question 7
3 out of 3 points

You put a compelling object in front of your baby nephew, then cover it, and he acts as if it's no longer there. Your nephew is:
• Question 8
3 out of 3 points

Which of these people is likely to live the longest?
• Question 9
3 out of 3 points

What is the relationship between walking early and later intelligence?
• Question 10
3 out of 3 points

Based on the information-processing section, parents can help children “remember” by doing all of the following EXCEPT:
• Question 11
3 out of 3 points

Which statement about the lifespan is most TRUE?
• Question 12
3 out of 3 points

A baby sees a new image on a screen and looks up to see what's going on. The...


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