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Psyc221 Week 3 Quiz 2

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PSYC221 Week 3 Quiz 2

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Personality Theories
Quiz 2 (Week 3)
Question 1 of 23 1.0 Points
The process by which certain adaptive individual characteristics emerge over generations is know as:

A.survival of the fittest
B.natural selection


D.b and c

E.none of the above
Question 2 of 23 1.0 Points
Evolutionary personality theory is:

A.not based on empirical research

B.a modern application of Darwin's ideas

C.not used often due to its high degree of sexism
D.both a and b

E.none of the above

Question 3 of 23 1.0 Points
Temperament refers to:

A.stable individual differences in emotional reactivity
B.how easily a person solves problems

C.how artistic or charismatic an individual is

D.a and c

E.all of the above
Question 4 of 23 1.0 Points
The four basic aspects of temperament are:

A.activity, emotionality, sociability, aggressive/impulsive

B.activity, emotionality, extroversion, conscientiousness

C.emotionality, extroversion, happiness, conscientiousness
D.emotionality, sociability, aggressive/impulsive, happiness
E.none of the above

Question 5 of 23 1.0 Points
Eysenck's model of extroversion posits that:

A.introverts have too much adrenaline

B.extroverts have too much adrenaline

C.introverts have a relatively low level of brain arousal

D.extroverts have a relatively low level of brain arousal
E.none of the above
Question 6 of 23 1.0 Points
The exotic becomes erotic hypothesis states that:

A.inborn temperament influences young children to engage in gender congruent or non-gender congruent behavior
B.exhibiting gender incongruent behavior leads to more exposure to the opposite sex, increasing the arousal for the same sex
C.foreign people are liked more than fellow citizens

D.both a and b

E.none of the above...


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