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Psyc221 Week 6 Quiz 4

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PSYC221 Week 6 Quiz 4
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Personality Theories

Question 1 of 32 1.0 Points
Which of the following statements is correct?

A.more females are born than males

B.females are more susceptible to illnesses than males

C.males and females are equally susceptible to illnesses

D.male children are more susceptible to illnesses than female children

Question 2 of 32 1.0 Points
Males have been found to be __________, while females have been found to be __________.

A.more verbally aggressive; more physically aggressive

B.more physically aggressive; better at spatial abilities

C.more physically aggressive; more sensitive to nonverbal cues
D.more sensitive to nonverbal cues; more verbally aggressive

Question 3 of 32 1.0 Points
Prenatal exposure to sex hormones:

A.influences physiological sex differences that appear later in life

B.does not influence the development of masculine/feminine traits
C.does not influence gender development

D.none of the above

Question 4 of 32 1.0 Points
Psychoanalytic theorists view sex differences as stemming from _______, while neo-analysts view sex differences as stemming from ______.

A.biological causes; social causes

B.biological causes; biological causes
C.social causes; biological causes

D.social causes; social causes

Question 5 of 32 1.0 Points
The explanation for gender differences that is based primarily on the argument that successful reproduction requires different sexual behaviors of men and women is based on which approach?





Question 6 of 32 1.0 Points
Men have been found to be more jealous of ______ infidelity, while women are more jealous of ______ infidelity.

A.emotional; sexual

B.sexual; emotional

C.emotional; emotional
D.none of the above...


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