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Hist410N Week 1 Case Study Latest 2016

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HIST410N Week 1 Case Study Latest 2016  

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Tanya Hampton
Case Study # 1: Jules Ferry
Jules Ferry was Prime Minister of France as that nation launched its imperial expansion. In a debate with member of the French Parliament, Ferry defends the decision to expand. Read his remarks and respond to the following questions:
1. According to Ferry, what recent developments in world trade have made it urgent for France to have colonies?
. .”
2. What arguments against imperialism have been raised by Ferry's critics? How does he counter them?
3. What non-economic arguments does Ferry offer in favor of imperialism?

Devry HIST410N Week 2 Case Study Latest 2016 March
This week, you will read the comments of the German Delegation to the Paris Peace Conference on the conditions of the peace which ended World War 1. You will find that document in the webliography. Many have argued that it was the way World War 1 ended which made World War 2 inevitable. Read the document and answer the following questions:
•   Churchill delivered this speech to an American audience, but after reading it one might conclude it could have been given in any western country. Why did he pick the US?

Devry HIST410N Week 6 Case Study

A. Case Study: Ho Chi Minh and Vietnamese Independence
Was Ho Chi Minh a Communist? To many Americans he was. But to many Vietnamese he was a nationalist hero, and to even a few Americans he was that as well, plus a friend, and ally and a comrade in arms during World War 2. It may be hard to paint Ho with any color other than gray, and now, nearly 50 years after his death and 40 years after the end of the American war in Vietnam, even that color has faded with time. What we do have are his words.
The link below will take you the speech Ho Chi Minh gave on September 2, 1945, in which he proclaimed Vietnam's independence, and its arrival on the...


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