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Ntc 248 Week 5 Individual Learning Team Assignment

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NTC 248 Week 5 Individual Learning Team Assignment  

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Create a 1-page network diagram showing the components and devices needed to build a simple office network based on the following scenario:
• 50 employees, half Sales office and half Business office users
• 2 subnets - Separate LANs within the office 30 hosts per subnet (25 employees, 1 printer and 2 servers, and 2 more available addresses.
• 2 network printers, one per subnet
• 1 connection to the WAN/Internet
• One core router with 2 Ethernet interfaces   (one for each existing subnet) and one Serial for WAN
• Each subnet using one switch for all hosts
• Plan for growth for   up to 6 subnets - which do not need to be in the diagram
Identify the different collision and broadcast domains on your network diagram. In your diagram, draw a green circle around each collision domain and a red circle around each broadcast domain.
Develop a subnet scheme using this address:   You have been assigned an IP address and subnet mask: /24.   Plan to support two subnets, and allow for growth to as many as 6 subnets in the future.
Subnet 1 (not subnet zero) will be used to provide a range of IP addresses for the Sales office users connected to a switch. The switch will connect to an Ethernet interface on the core router. Subnet 2 will be used to provide a range of IP addresses connected to the other Ethernet interface of the core router with a switch for the Business office users. The router IP addresses on the Ethernet ports for both networks will be the last useable IP address from the respective network. The Sales and Business office each will have one printer per network. It will be assigned the first useable IP address for the respective networks.
Write a summary discussing how to determine the number of host and subnets needed for this task and how to determine the custom subnet mask. Include the...


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