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Modern Age Is the Era of Computers

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The last decade of the 20th century saw phenomenal growth in IT (information technology) and computers. Now a day we find computers in every field of our life. No doubt, computer has changed the lives of many people but it has done more harm than good.
Let's start from what everyone can agree on. Computer games, social networks like Facebook, Bebo and Twitter, and our general ease of access to information online have changed the way we function. As a result, human beings have evolved into competent information-grabbers. Young people in particular, seem to "skip over a virtual landscape", hopping from website to website to find facts: "Nobody seemed to be staying anywhere for very long." In doing so they may be at risk of losing the ability to gain real understanding. Understanding requires the ability to relate one subject to something else, as you do when you read a book, you go on a journey, there is a sequence imposed on you by the author and you learn while reading. But now with computers readily available, you download information, but you cannot necessarily understand it.
One of the things that makes human beings so distinct, and so brilliant, is that our brains are constantly being rewired – a phenomenon known as "plasticity" which means that we can react to and learn from our surroundings. The learning environment for our children has been changing in dramatic ways. For example, in a computer game children don't learn from their mistakes at all. Why bother when you can just click restart?
The students are losing the ability to study properly. Constant use of the computer and internet has rewired their brains to function differently from those of earlier generations: they skip from topic to topic mode of thinking, and are less capable of skills like reading and writing at length.
Previously, vacations were spent on outdoor games. Now a majority of the children are happy sitting in...


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