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South Wins the Civil War

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Despite the North having all the advantages over the South that they needed, the South still found a way to become the victors of the Civil War. Now all of the problems they were faced with such as the North wanting to take slavery away from them, were gone. They could live freely and continue living out their lives the way they wanted to.
If this had really been the outcome of the Civil War, America today would be much different. African Americans wouldn't even be considered people. We wouldn't have African American presidents, actors, singers, or even employed black people. Slavery would still exist and most likely spread farther than the South and influence the way America works entirely. They would still be treated like property. There is no saying how I would feel about it either. If the South won the Civil War, there is a chance that I could be a supporter of it. My family might even own slaves and it could be a part of my everyday lifestyle.
It would change everyone’s lives completely. I would not be friends with some people because of the color of their skin and I might not even want to make their acquaintances because I would be considered to be above them. My being of white ethnicity would help me in this situation but I would live my life with a completely different outlook. If the South won the Civil War, there is no saying what kind of person I would be today and there is also no saying if I would like the person I would become if they had won.


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